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What is the difference between keep and remain in the following sentences?

1.He remained quiet.
2.He kept quiet.

1.His eyes kept closed.
2.His eyes remained closed.

Thank you.
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    No difference except for style:
    1. He remained quiet.
    2. He kept quiet.

    1. His eyes kept closed. (I would not use this, preferring "stayed closed.")
    2. His eyes remained closed.

    On a style note, we put a space after punctuation, as with your numbers.


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    Remained is passive, whereas kept is active. I think it's a style issue.

    Kept implies an active decision sometimes, perhaps.
    I'm not sure why you say 'remained' is passive. It is an intransitive verb so I don't think it can ever be used in the passive voice.

    His eyes kept closed. :cross:
    He kept his eyes closed. :tick:

    His eyes remained closed. :tick:
    He remained his eyes closed. :cross:

    The main difference between the verbs is that 'to remain' is always intransitive and 'to keep' is transitive. Even in a sentence like "Keep quiet!" the direct object is implied (Keep yourself quiet). In the sentence "Remain quiet!" it would be incorrect to include 'yourself'.
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