remained solvent

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Hi, all
This is from <The Power of Others> by MICHAEL BOND.
This is about the illusion of a man in prison.
I don't get the bold part.
Who are "they"? What does it mean "to remain solvent" here?

By 1997, after more than ten years of solitary confinement,Vanunu had convinced himself that the British government
had conspired to bring about the Second World War ‘to
convince [the] US to produce and use NWs [nuclear weapons]’,
which would then allow Britain covertly to test its own nuclear
technologies on humans; that British spies were behind the Wall
Street crash of 1929, the growth of Nazism in Germany in the
1930s, the Russian revolution and the rise of Mao Zedong; and
that British Airways and other airlines were being paid by governments
to carry spies around the world and this was the only reason
they remained solvent.
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    A business (or person) is solvent when it has enough money to keep going. It is not bankrupt (= insolvent). 'They' could grammatically refer to the governments or the airlines or the spies, but as the governments are said to be paying the airlines, this means the airlines are getting money, and this is the 'only reason' they can get enough money to survive: that is, the airlines remain solvent.
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