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England, English
Can someone explain the construction of phrases to mean 'remember' please?
I want to ask the question: do you remember us (when we stayed at your hotel last year)?
Thanks, Marc
  • Agnès E.

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    France, French
    Bonjour Marc,
    We say:
    Vous souvenez-vous de nous ?

    To remember someone = se souvenir de quelqu'un

    You might wish to learn its conjugation here.

    Edit (following to your PM): just note that this verb is not transitive (following the pattern verb + object), but that it needs the preposition de to specify its object (like the English of).

    I remember you can be constructed in French roughly similarly to: I remember myself of you (je me souviens de vous)
    There is no explanation to it, it is just the way this verb works. :)

    Don't forget that, when you ask a question in French, you are supposed to invert the verb and the subject. With a reflective verb, the reflective pronom is placed before the verb. Now, in spoken French, you may not follow this rule (but I would not suggest it to a learner, as it could sound as a mistake), and your question (vous souvenez-vous de nous ?) then becomes: vous vous souvenez de nous ?
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