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Bonjour à tous et à toutes,

I've done a search but couldn't find this precise sentence; I hope it hasn't been done many times.

I'm wondering how to say "Remind me (of) your name," or, in other words, "Can you tell me your name again (because I forgot it)?" An example of context might be two people of approximately the same age talking during orientation at college, or at a new job, or something of the sort.

I've been thinking "rappelle-moi ton prénom," but I have the sense that I might be too directly translating "rappeler" and that this is not the verb one uses in French.

Merci d'avance!
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    Peux-tu me rappeler ton nom ? is OK.
    I personally prefer that form to the imperative Rappelle-moi.

    But I'd be more likely to say :
    Quel est ton nom déjà ? Désolé(e), je l'ai oublié / j'ai un trou de mémoire...

    Familiar/colloquial : J'ai un blanc, là. C'est quoi ton nom déjà ?
    Note that blanc is a familiar anglicism, derived from blank, as you might have guessed.
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    Wouldn't it need to be "prénom?" I find whenever I ask for a Francophone to repeat their "nom" they give me their last name. This is similar to when asking for someone's address. In AmE it implies where you live, whereas in French, more often then not, the response I get is for their "e-mail address."


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    In my vocabulary, prénom = first name. I write, but rarely ever say that.
    What I might say is Quel est ton petit nom ?

    Then again if someone asked me : Quel est ton nom déjà ? (with the familiar « tu ») or the colloquial C'est quoi ton nom? ...
    I'd be more likely to reply Nicole than to give my last name. I'd assume that this is what they want to know.

    If they said « vous » (e.g. on the phone), then I'd give my full name (first and last). Not my last name only.

    If someone asked : Quelle est ton / votre adresse ? without specifying courriel... I'd give them my home address.
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