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Which of the following statement is grammatically correct?

You are a constant reminder for me to become a better person.

You are a constant reminder for me to becoming a better person.

They both sound colloquial to me and what’s the difference between the two?
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    .. a reminder [for someone] to do something,
    in this example 'to' is part of a 'to-infinitive' it not a preposition.
    It is similar to constructions like,
    She has a desire to learn,
    Failure to thrive is a serious diagnosis in an infant.
    You can read more about 'to-infinitives' here: 'to'-infinitives

    When 'to' is a preposition it isn't followed by the infinitive but by the ing-form of the verb, (a noun verb) e.g.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    He admitted to lying to his parents.
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