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Hello, I need to translate an email from my school for a class on spanish translation and this is the title of the email, which I'm having trouble with:

REMINDER: SPRING 2012 FOREIGN LANGUAGE EXAM PRE-REGISTRATION ENDS THIS FRIDAY!I don't normally ask for help for entire sentences, just certain terms and phrases, because I like to learn how to translate effectively. But with this one, I pretty much have no clue how to say any of these terms in Spanish: not "reminder" (atleast not in this particular context. "recordatorio"? "avertencia"? "aviso"?), not "foreign exchange exam", or "Pre-registration" (not in this context). Any suggestions?
  • Agró

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    Too many terms for one thread. I'll answer just the first:

    Recordatorio, Advertencia and Aviso all work well in this context.

    You might want to open new threads for each doubt.
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