rempujo (sailing)

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    There are a couple of threads on abrazadera, and the boating context is the one relevant to an Argentinian novel I'm translating - and where I found the alternative spelling abrasadera in a book Teoría y práctica del Yachting by Hipólito Gil Elizalde, published in Buenos Aires.

    This is the definition given for the item rempujo:

    abrasaderade cuero o de lona, que se coloca en la mano y que está provista deun
    círculode metal ubicado en la palma, para empujar la aguja en el cosido delas velas o en el
    trabajode relingar

    So its function seems to be that of a thimble (dedal) when sail-making. But can anyone tell me if there is a more specific or precise translation than those suggested below the main entry - clasp, etc., - which seem rather generic.

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. Hakuna Matata

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    rempujo = sail palm

    Abrasadera, as far as I know, is incorrect.
  3. saturne Senior Member

    As Hakuna posted I think "abrasadera" is incorrect.

    I think this is what you are looking for: Osborne Sewing Palm, Sewing Hand Protector
    Protector para coser
    dedal protector de mano para coser cuero | 34075342
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  4. rafajuntoalmar

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    Yo también creo que "abrasadera" es un error. Debería venir de "abrasar", es decir, quemar, y eso no tiene nada que ver con el bjeto que describes. Una "abrazadera", en cambio, se llama así porque "abraza", envuelve con sus "brazos" o como "brazos" un objeto.
  5. Ubetense

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    Úbeda (Jaén) Spain
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    Very many thanks to you rafajuntoalmar, sauturne and, not for the first time, Hakuna Matata. You have solved the important part of the mystery: sail(maker's) palm is what I was looking for.

    With regard to the "error" in the spelling abrasadera, I might add that this appears only in the Yachting reference work, as a definition for rempujo; the novel, in fact, cites "rempuje" (with inverted commas), suggesting that both irregular spellings might be used as an indication of register in, or recreation of the colloquial context of, the story.

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