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Hi et bonjour,

Can anyone help me with rendant l’alimentation « plus douce »? The reference appears an article discussing the harmful effects of sugar in the blood, and the importance of reducing sugar intake.

Here is the except:

Il est donc important de se débarrasser de l’habitude du goût sucré qui constitue une véritable dépendance en rendant l’alimentation « plus douce ». Il est donc primordial de supprimer les hydrates de carbone raffinés tels que le sucre en poudre, le pain blanc, le riz blanc.

It is therefore important to overcome sugar cravings—a real form of addiction—by making foods more wholesome. [...]

Did I understand the meaning correctly? Or is the author saying that sugar dependence is a form of addiction whereby people constantly make their food sweeter?

Or is wholesome correct?

Thanks for your help!

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    You got the meaning to a t ;) As far as the end of the sentence goes, l'alimentation in this case means one's diet (not in the loosing weight meaning). Plus douce is a bit subjective and hard to translate. I'd go with easier on the body or something similar.


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    I also realize that "habitude du goût sucré" is more "a sweet tooth" than "sugar craving".



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    Hi. Sorry for the late answer.

    I think that the author refers to an addiction to sweetness induced by the habit of eating, well, sweet food instead of bitter, salty

    In that case it should be read as "sweet instead of its opposite", I think. Like, you add sugar in your food so as to not feel the bitter, the sour and less agreeable taste.

    Then the meaning would be to stop eating the sweet food we have become addicted to because it tastes better due to its sweetness.

    Well, that' s how I understand it.

    Hope this helps anyway.
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