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I read this line in 'Le Figaro' about the demise of the American writer Norman Mailer.
"Le président de la République Nicolas Sarkozy lui a rendu homme, louant «l’une des consciences de cette Amérique que je saluais, il y a quelques jours»."
What does 'rendre homme' mean here? A short form for 'rendre hommage'? I doubt it is a spelling mistake??
Thank you.

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    It is a mistake, unless the context would show it is some sort of word play. But I doubt it. "Rendre hommage" is probably meant.


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    Moderator note: I am changing the title to "rendre hommage" since that seems to be the consensus. Le figaro has not amended their website at this moment, which is surprising if they have made a mistake.
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