1. nitab New Member

    I am trying to ask in spanish "what is a repaso?" (Quiz or Test?)
  2. Quiensepa Senior Member

    U.S. English
    nitab, Welcome to the Forum! I'm sure you will learn a lot here and enjoy it at the same time. Regarding your question, could you explain a little more about what you want? If you want a translation for "What is a test?", then it would be good to first try to translate it yourself and then others of us will comment on your attempt.
  3. Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye Senior Member

    Georgia, USA
    English - US
    To ask, you could say "Qué significa 'repaso?'" or "Que quiere decir 'repaso?'"
    And, for the record, it is a review.
  4. irish223 Senior Member

    Illinois, USA
    English - US
    I think "Que tal es repaso?" asks "How is the review coming?"

    "¿Qué es un repaso?" asks "What is a review?"

    Prueba and examen are the words for quiz/test.
  5. Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye Senior Member

    Georgia, USA
    English - US
    Agreed. Alternatively "How is the review going"... which makes me think it's funny that we can use both coming and going in this context, but that's for another discussion. :D
  6. nitab New Member

    Thank you for your replies. What I was trying to ask would have been
    "Que es un repaso?"
    I am vey glad it is a review and not a test!!!
  7. mguizar Member

    Español - México
    Agree with What is a review? = ¿Qué es un repaso?
    But ¿Cómo va el repaso?, o ¿Que tal está el repaso? would be better for how is the review coming?

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