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¿Qué significa repechaje?
El contexto está en el fútbol: un juego repechaje.
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  • Luis Albornoz

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    En un torneo, los equipos que estuvieron cerca de clasificarse pero no lo lograron en una primera ronda, tienen ocasionalmente la posibilidad de jugar entre ellos una segunda ronda que le obtendrá a alguno la clasificación, esta segunda ronda se denomina repechaje.


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    Un juego de repechaje o repezca is a match in which losers are given another chance to qualify for the next round.


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    que significa repechaje?
    el contexto esta en futbol.. un juego repechaje

    Sounds like a "wild-card game": game in which teams not qualifying for play-off or championship rounds because of poor season records get a chance to win a spot in the post-season rounds.


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    i think it is related to the french term used in some sports (repechage) which means to fish again or re-fish. i.e to play or try again.


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    En el español de américa latina se emplea repechaje para los equipos que no se han clasificado directamente y tienen otra oportunidad en otra eliminatoria.

    En España se dice repesca y en Inglaterra se le llama Play-off


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    I tend to agree with Chaucer. It sounds like winning a berth in a wild-card slot. It's for a team that gets into the playoffs, or in soccer's case the qualifiers but doesn't perform well enough to automatically pass on to the next level. Nevertheless, being that they did better than everyone else in their division who did not advance, they are given one last chance to face off against the similarly positioned team in a separate division or league in a wild-card match, where the winner is allowed to move ahead.