Repentizacion (De Música)

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  1. sweetsweet

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    England English/Spanish
    Does anybody know this word in English??


    This is the whole sentence incase it helps:

    ingresar en el Conservatorio Superior y cursar estudios de piano y saxofón, además de armonía, contrapunto, fuga, formas musicales, música de cámara, repentización, acompañamiento y transporte

    Thanks so much!!:)
  2. Bocha

    Bocha Senior Member

    impromptu, extemporization
  3. sweetsweet

    sweetsweet Senior Member

    England English/Spanish
    Thanks so much Bocha!!

    :) :) :)
  4. Jim986

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    New Zealand English
    Hi. It's a bit late to help SweetSweet (what's in a name?) BUT to set the record straight and not mislead future seekers after the right term: the translation of repentización as a subject at conservatory is sight reading: that is, playing music from the score, but without rehearsal. In general: reading something (a poem, speech etc) without previous practice, on sight.

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