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  1. littleuea2007 Member

    english, england
    If someone says to you 'I'm sorry' e.g if they walked into you. In english you would usually reply with 'that's ok' or 'no worries'. How would you reply to this in Spanish?
  2. mjmuak

    mjmuak Senior Member

    Spanish Spain (Andalusia)
    no tiene importancia
    no importa
    no se preocupe
    no pasa nada
  3. Volantina Member

    Chile español
    "¡no hay problema!"
    "¡no te preocupes!" (usando tú o usted,dependiendo de la persona que tenga al frente.)

    o en otro caso:
    "¡no me dolió!" jajaja

    Saludos cordiales chicos :)

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