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    How would you say "Reporting Continuum, Standards, and Rubrics"? (This is from an elementary school handbook I'm translating.)

    Would I say "Continuo de Reportaje, Estándares, y Criterios Evaluativos"?
    Or would it be Reportaje de Continuo?

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    Reporting and Continuum here are both nouns, the former being a gerund noun. When you have two nouns like that you generally reverse the order when you use "of" - it's the same in English, "continuum of reporting" works. As another example "dog breed" becomes "breed of dog".

    "Continuum" is a noun, whereas "continuo" is the adjective "continuous". It translates without change into spanish (it's a latin term).

    "Reporting", being a gerund, should translate into the infinitive verb in Spanish, eg "Reading is good" becomes "Leer es bueno". "Reportaje" means "report".

    Though I'm not too sure what that is in this case (or even what sense of reporting is meant here), so maybe try "continuum of reports" to "continuum de reportajes", hopefully someone can suggest something better.

    Also the "reporting" attaches to all three nouns in the list I think, so the "de" would go at the end instead of the middle, just as you might say, "Continuum, Standards, and Rubrics of Reporting".

    I'll let others worry about the other words.
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    Thanks for the quick response! Actually, "Reporting" is not attached to all three nouns.
    So maybe I should say, "Continuo para Reportar"?
    * says "continuo" is the Spanish noun for continuum

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