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    I am having trouble with this word on how to make a correct transaltion in this context "Since initial clinical release of the MiSeal platform and the Thermal Ligating Shear (TLS) reposable handpieces, multiple studies........."

    I know repose means = reposar, descansar, but simply I can't find a fit translation in this sentence.

    Thanks in advancefor the help .
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    "Some of our endosurgical instruments are “reposable”, meaning that the instrument has a disposable and a reusable component."

    "Reposable" is not a standard English word; it appears to be a specialized technical term.

    Clearly it is unrelated to "repose"; I suspect it may be derived from "pose", "to put or set in place."

    Thus, re-pose-able, able to be put in place again.
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    Hola. Yo diría "de repuesto" o "reponibles".

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