reposição de petit ménaje

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Hello everyone,

I'm translating a contract regarding hotel management from Portuguese to English, and I'm pretty confused by a phrase that appears:

Reposições: serão considerados como tal apenas as reposições de "petit ménaje".

Examples given include utensils, small electrical appliances, etc. I suppose "ménaje" seems French, but I also can't find this term in a French dictionary. I sort of understand that it's referring to small items, but not sure what the exact implication is or what it would be in English.

Thanks in advance!
  • Nanon

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    Olá gg,

    The correct French spelling is "ménage", meaning cleaning here. I am not sure if "petit ménage" is in use in the French(-speaking) hotel trade to name household supplies: I couldn't find any confirmation of this.


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    Don’t recall the word in Portuguese, but I’ve seen menaje de casa in Spanish. It referred to personally owned household items that had to be listed to clear customs during an international relocation. Everything from forks to furniture.

    I guess replacement of small household items might suffice.
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