1. Californian Senior Member

    California, USA
    English USA
    Can someone tell me what the word "represado" means in English in the highlighted sentence below? Is the word possibly misspelled? Thank you in advance for your help!

    Llegue a la oficina a las 9:20 am y ya tenía trabajo represado.
  2. Louanna007

    Louanna007 Senior Member

    English United States
    I think that it may mean that "there was work already waiting for me"-that makes the most sense.

    THE SPANINGLISH Senior Member

    Somewhere only I know
    México (spanish)
    I'm Mexican and I have never heard that word
  4. riglos Senior Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    Nunca he escuchado la palabra, pero arriesgaría que es algo parecido a "retrasado", si es que no es un typo. Tal vez se esté haciendo alusión a una represa, caso en el cual se estaría hablando en sentido figurado. Pero éstas son sólo suposiciones.

  5. aida adec New Member

    Barranquilla, Colombia
    Spanish Colombia
    Talvez: backlogged?
  6. Californian Senior Member

    California, USA
    English USA
    :) Thank you all for your great suggestions! It was very helpful!!!
  7. hcnd06a Senior Member

    English - USA
    I've found the same word in a document I'm trying to translate:

    Como consecuencia de estas obras, se formaron unos pozos de agua altamente contaminados, represados entre los barrios y la vía, que funciona como receptorios de aguas lluvias.

    My attempt:
    As a consequence of these construction projects, some highly contaminated pools of water were formed, dammed up between the neighborhoods and the road, that act as receptacles for rainwater.

    My dictionary (American Heritage Spanish) says: represar: tr. (detener agua) to dam, hold back (water); FIG. (contener) to check, hold back; MARIT. to recapture (a ship)

    This makes me think that "backlogged" is a good translation in your situation.
  8. hcnd06a Senior Member

    English - USA
    Maybe "trapped" is a better term in my case?

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