Requête ou réclamation non envoyée en Recommandé avec Accusé Réception

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Hi there

Wonder if anyone can help? I am having extended correspondence with the French authorities about a speeding offence because it appears that I don't understand the following phrase "Requête ou réclamation non envoyée en Recommandé avec Accusé Réception".

This is the reason they are stating for my appeal that my husband committed the offence being rejected. I thought it meant that they had rejected my appeal beacuse my correspondence wasn't sent by recorded delivery mail but as I have done that and they have sent the appeal form back to me again I must be mistaken!!

Can anyone help??
  • mistoufle

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    Basically they mean you didn't send the compalin registered delivery!
    I would call them if I were you and explain there is no tracked registerd delivery UK-Fr.
    All the best
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