requerer e/ou retirar passaporte

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  1. tatijuanchi New Member

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    Hi all,

    Am translating a Brazilian power of attorney at the moment and am having a moment of doubt with regard to the above expression... specifically the exact meaning of 'retirar' in this context - I understand that it can mean both 'take out' and 'withdraw' so was hoping that a native Brazilian PT speaker could set me right??

    My options: 'request and take out passports...' or 'request and recall/withdraw passports...' [I'm inclined to think it's the former but just wanted confirmation before I commit myself!]



    [h=1]requerer e/ou retirar passaporte[/h]
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  2. Vanda

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    Welcome to our forum. :)
    requerer - request, ask for a passport
    retirar - withdraw the passport, go to the Police office and withdraw it.
  3. tatijuanchi New Member

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    Hi Vanda, cheers for the welcome and the assistance - just to clarify as I'm still not sure - what do you mean by withdrawing it from the Police office? ... by 'withdraw' I'm understanding withdraw from use, recall it, take it away from the holder - is that what you meant?

    sorry for the many questions and thanks again for your help! :)
  4. mglenadel

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    It means to go [to the police office] and collect it when it is ready.

    Requerer e/ou retirar passaporte = To apply for a passport and/or collect said passport when it is ready.
  5. Vanda

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    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
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    Collect, that is the word!! I knew something didn't sound welll!
  6. tatijuanchi New Member

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    Brilliant! Many, many thanks to both of you!!


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