Request for word/phrase to describe <one gets 20 weeks of benefits, the other does not even qualify>


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I am seeking a word/phrase that fits the context.

There are two unemployed workers. They apply for unemployment benefits: one qualifies, the other does not. The one that qualifies gets 20 weeks of benefits.

Despite having identical work histories, Hailey does not qualify for EI in St. John’s, whereas Miguel qualifies for 20 weeks of EI benefits in Northern BC. A mere difference of 1.5 percentage points between the unemployment rates creates a huge financial disparity between the two workers.

I need something that better explains the scenario. I am very doubtful about the part in green appropriately explaining the situation that one person qualifies for 20 weeks and the other does not get anything at all. I don't think "financial disparity" is the right choice of words. I don't want to change the part in bold black as that is the reason behind the problem.

P.S: I wrote this.
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    I think you have done rather well in expressing this clearly. It can certainly be written in other ways, but I cannot think of anything that would be an obvious improvement, and I cannot think of any word or phrase that is more specific to this meaning. Perhaps someone else can.
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