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    Hello! I want to know how to use the word "uncertainty" (incertidumbre) in general when talking about heavy industry, machinery etc in English, do I have to use it in plural? Is it a "special" word? Thank you.

    "calibration method used for its calibration or verification, required uncertainties/the required uncertainty..."

    "el procedimiento seguido para su calibración o verificación, la incertidumbre requerida..."
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    Uncertainty should be singular, but the sentence seems strange. Accuracy or precision is usually required, not uncertainty.
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    "Incertidumbre" is the difference of dimensions that you are allow to make when manofacturing heavy products in a factory.

    It is a range.
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    The more usual term for this in specifications is "tolerance". In the sense of "range", a maximum permissible range would be specified, because requiring a range would mean the range must be at least that large. For calibration methods we might also speak of "required tolerance limits".
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    Exactly!!! In Spanish "tolerancia" is used in these terms, as well. Silly me... "tolerancia" and "incertidumbre" is the same. Thank you so much for helping me. "Accurancy" sounds good, too.

    Usually we say "umbral de tolerancia" which I guess it woul translated as "range of tolerance".

    I've just realised that "tolerancia" and "incertidumbre is not exactly the same.

    "Tolerancia" must be "tolerance" but is not "incertidumbre".

    "Tolerancia" is the two given measures by the client, between the ones the manofactured product must be and "incertidumbre" is similar but is not exactly the same, there is a slight difference and it is that the difference of dimension/meauserment is unexpected.

    Thank you.

    I've had a look on a speacializated search engine and yes it is "uncertainty" ;)
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    Umbral de tolerancia? rango de tolerancia?

    la palabra tolerancia es autoexplicativa y normalmente la he visto siempre sola, seguida del valor numérico: +- x.xx

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