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    Comment est-que qu'on dire:
    "Although I cannot say this with certainty, I would venture to guess that perhaps French universities are stricter in terms of requirements and deadlines." ?

    "Bien que je ne sois pas sûre, je m’avancerais à dire que les universités Français sont plus rigide avec les __ et dates limites." ??

    1) use of subjective?
    2) word for "requirement" (meaning "academic requirement") in French?

    Merci! :)
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    Do you mean by requirements, the prerequisites, or the demands once one has been accepted into a programme? If the former, you might use les préalables, if the latter, perhaps exigences (although this might be too strong).

    Bien que je ne puisse pas le dire avec certitude, j'ose croire que les universités françaises sont plus strictes en matière de préalables et dates limites.

    What does subjective have to do with this?
  3. lishiepie Member

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    Merci beaucoup!
    I do mean requirement AFTER one has been accepted to a program.

    And I wanted to be sure that the subjuctive was still used after "bien que" when in the negative form "bien que + ne...pas"
    (I forgot, but I can see that it is!).

    Merci encore.

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