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In my paper for the English composition class,
I wrote this sentence "It really requires me a lot of effort and concentration to
understand them", and my professor changed it to "I really requires a lot of effort and concentration for me to understand them"

I was wondering what difference there could be between those two sentences.
(cause for me there is no grammatical error in the first sentence of mine and I see no difference in the meanining between them!!)

Thank you so much :)
  • entangledbank

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    'Require' can only take one object. This is normally the requirement (it requires a lot of effort), but it can be the person if it's followed by an infinitive clause (my professor requires me to understand this). You've tried to combine the two structures, and you've used both kinds of object together.

    So you need to take 'me' out of the object position, and use 'for me' instead, as in your professor's correction.


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    Your version is not grammatically correct. You could say: It really requires me to put in a lot of effort and concentration in order to understand them. But I would go with your professor's.
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