Rescatar experiencias / recatar valor

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Hi again,

I'm working on a translation about changes in higher education and I'm looking for an adequate translation for rescatar. I was thinking of possibilities like "highlight" or "draw out" or "identify" but I'm not sure if I'm taking too many liberties.

Here are the phrases that I'm looking at:
Rescatar el valor de la diversidad de experiencias.
En países pequeños se pueden rescatar importantes experiencias de mejoramiento de educación superior.

My attempt:
Highlighting the value of the diversity of experiences.
Indentifying the value of the diversity of experiences.

In small countries important experiences of improving higher education can be highlighted/identified.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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    In the first case, I'm thinking along the lines of "revived"; in the second, "conserved," in the sense of retrieved or salvaged.


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    I like 'highlight', 'emphasize' or perhaps even 'capitalize on' for the first one. Identify is fine for the second one.
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