research the face of the future


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I want to know the meaning of ''research the face of the future'' in persian. here is the text :
A few years ago, they answered his cry of distress when, after his
residency training, he fell into lockstep with every ambitious young
neu-ropsychiatrist and applied himself to neurochemistry research—
the face of the future
, the golden arena of personal opportunity.

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    اُردو Urdu

    Please pay attention to the fact that the actual phrase of which the meaning you're seeking to understand is:
    (...) ''neurochemistry research the face of the future,''(...)
    not **''research the face of the future''.
    It's possible that you can get the meaning better if you keep this in mind.
    My tentative take: [و [او] خودش را در تحقیقات شیمی عصبی به کار انداخت که [چنین تحقیات] "روی آیندہ" و یک عرصۂ زرین برای فرصتہای شخصی میباشد
    /Needs to be checked, there must be better ways out there/.
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