resemble closely

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    I don't know either, but I can guess it will be a set phrase as the English is, and probably nothing to do with près. I guess ressembler étroitement or fidèlement but don't feel happy about them.


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    la grive solitaire said:
    Tu brûles, tu brûles, Amity... c'est tout près. :)
    Tu ne parles apparemment pas du "portrait tout craché" Je viens de penser en écrivant (ça m'arrive) que ça correspond à "spitting image":)


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    Thankyou for that one, Gil, seriously useful, but is someone going to put me out of my misery and say what the usual expression is, I'm in suspenders here (as we say). La g, do you mean it's 'ressembler tout près' ?

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    Yes, that's what I meant, Amity--sorry to have been so silly.:eek: That's the expression I know, but perhaps there's a better way to say it?

    ressembler de près très près
    ...d'à peu près

    How would you translate "ressembler de près ou de loin" ? "to resemble more or less..."?


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    skittlek88 said:
    Does anyone know how to say "resemble closely" in French? Any help would be greatly appreciated!:)
    Hello, skittlek88, I am a young prodigy with various languages stored in my cranium. My best is french.

    Your sentance will be:

    ressemblez étroitement


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    Sorry if the other message went out. This is the first time I participate. I believe you can translate "resemble closely" as "ressemblait étrangement". Here is a qoute from L'Enfant du placard written by David Sealver: Elle comprit pourquoi son visage lui avait semblé familier; il ressemblait étrangement à sa mère.

    Sure hope that I was able to help.


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    Hi ! first time for me too.
    'resemble closely' would be close to the french "ressembler étrangement" 'cause it's an expression we use like this in french. "Ressembler de près" is correct but less common. Hope it will help.
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