resemble hog-troughs not a little.


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Hi folks, this is cited from Wellingborough Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849)
Question: What is that resembles a lot to hog-troughs here? Kids? (considering it is meat of goat) or eating way?

"Mammy! mammy! come and see the sailors eating out of little troughs, just like our pigs at home." Thus exclaimed one of the steerage children, who at dinner-time was peeping down into the forecastle, where the crew were assembled, helping themselves from the "kids," which, indeed, resemble hog-troughs not a little.
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    Same term “kids” are passed in previous pages.
    So, it is only a container, right. I tought it is a kind of rice mixed with kids (meat)

    "The Lascars were on the forecastle-deck. Among them were Malays, Mahrattas, Burmese, Siamese, and Cingalese. They were seated round "kids" full of rice, from which, according to their invariable custom, they helped themselves with one hand, the other being reserved for quite another purpose."


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    Those kids were clearly also tubs full of rice, though they may have been a different size — as in a serving bowl rather than a smaller bowl that one person eats out of.


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    The direct comparison to trough would suggest that they were eating from a communal bowl: Certainly a simpler, less labor intensive, more efficient approach on shipboard.
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