~resented the intrusion of foreigners, <as> they called the people who came from London

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park sang joon

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He worked as assistant for Doctor South at a rural hospital for fortnight as soon as he graduated a medical school.
He was invited to a hop-field at Ferne by his middle aged friend Athenly, where the Athenlys goes every autumn.

and Ferne while the hopping lasted was deserted. They were very exclusive and would have resented the intrusion of foreigners, as they called the people who came from London; they looked down upon them and feared them too; they were a rough lot, and the respectable country folk did not want to mix with them.
[Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham]
I'd like to know what "It's a damned sight nearer" "as" means.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Here 'as' means 'which', and introduces a parenthetical comment. You could read it as " . . . resented foreigners (which they called people from London) . . .

    (No need to apologise - it's not such a terrible mistake :) )
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