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    Hi. I'm translating a university certificate that talks about a series of academic events in the student's life. One of them refers to an academic brake (suspension from university) that resulted from an administrative error. However, in spite of this deadlock, his position as a student at the university (which in Spanish we call "cupo") was spared until he was able to come back. I have no idea how to refer to one single "cupo" and "reserva de cupo". So it goes:
    • Primer período académico de 2010: reserva de cupo automática
    • First semester of 2010: admission was automatically set-aside
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    Hola, Laimita.

    A ver si algo más se me ocurre, pero por lo pronto:

    First semester of 2010: Admission automatically reserved

    Saludos +
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    Thankyou, Cato. That's fine.

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