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    When talking about financial statements, it says: "Neither XXX not its XXXXX had, as of the date of such baiance sheet, any material contingent obligations, liabilities for taxes or unusual forward or long term commitments not disclosed by, or reservedagainst in, such balance sheet or the notes thereto"

    I have doubts about translating "reserved against in" in this context. My try: "Ni XXX ni sus XXXXX tenían, en la fecha de dicho balance, obligaciones contingentes significativas, pasivos tributarios ni compromisos a largo plazo o a plazo inusuales sin revelar por parte de dicho balance o sus notas, ni aparecían reservados en él."

    Any suggestion?? Thanks
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    Hello, la_wilsen,

    It may also be estaban reservados contra.

    You should rearrange the sentences in order to make them more effective and easy to understand.

    I hope it helps. :)
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    Reserved against → Provisionados contra

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