Reserved rent


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In the context of a dispute between a landlord and a tenant, where the landlord has been unable to repossess a dwelling, a judge awards damages for the "reserved rent".

My attempt would be "perte de loyer", as "loyer réservé" seems too literal and makes no sense in French.

But I would like to ensure that I am getting it right. Any clue?

Many thanks in advance.
  • The 'reserved rent' means the 'rent reserved in the lease'. In everyday language this means the rent that the lease states is to be paid. In addition to a regular fixed rent payment the 'reserved rent' may also include a contribution towards insurance and/or service charges. J'espère que cette explication facilitera une traduction en français.
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    Great! Thank you so much broglet and LART01. And now it perfectly fits with the context.