reset à chaud


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Experienced members in computer technology please tell me how reset à chaud / reset à froid is translated in English ?

This is about networking in Control Units in Cars.

I guess it can be related to hard reset / soft reset ? but I'm not sure at all and don't know which term will correspond to chaud and froid?

Please help

  • JeanDeSponde

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    Warm reset / cold reset.
    En fait, pas de rapport avec la température du moteur; ce sont simplement deux modes de redémarrage du contrôleur ou d'un périphérique ( (provquant un warm start / cold start)
    Cold start: A cold start is only made for the first start, after the program has been loaded into the controller. During this start, all the program variables are set to their initialisation values and the program is started.
    Warm start: All subsequent starts of the program that has been loaded are warm starts. The variables that were declared with “RETAIN” are set to their initialisation values, the other variables retain their values.
    (Et cela existe dans beaucoup de contextes électroniques non automobile)
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