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Argentina, Spanish
I need some help with the phrase, here it goes with some context,

"No trataré de tramitar, solicitar o pedirle otra cantidad adicional a la que haya aceptado de $xxxxx, lo cual solicito a usted de la manera más atenta y respetuosa resguardar dicha cantidad.

"I will not try to start any kind of process nor ask for, or request any additional amount than the one I have already agreed upon, that is the amount of $XXX, from which I ask you to.....aforesaid amount."
Gracias otra vez :)
  • RicardoElAbogado

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    American English
    I think that, given the context of the other two verbs, "tramitar" might be translated as "negotiate." The verb "solicitar" could also be translated as "seek" which strikes me as better than using "ask for" and "request" since ask for and request are essentially the same thing.

    So one possibility:

    "I will not attempt to negotiate for, seek, or ask for any amount beyond the sum of $xxx which I have already agreed to..."

    My dictionary gives "to protect" for "resguardar" but, frankly, it doesn't make much sense in English.


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    Yes, "set aside" is exactly what it means. "Set aside" has another meaning (revocar), of course.
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