Residenza anagrafica fittizia

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Pagliazz, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Pagliazz New Member

    Italiano tutti,
    vi chiedo un aiuto per tradurre il concetto di "Residenza anagrafica fittizia".
    Il contesto è quello dei senza dimora. Spesso viene dato un indirizzo fittizio di residenza ai senza dimora per
    poter beneficiare dei diritti spettanti ad un cittadino. Un indirizzo comune è Via del Municipio N.0.
    Come traduzione ho trovato "dummy registered residence", ma non mi convince.
    Mi potete aiutare?

    Vi ringrazio in anticipo.
  2. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Ciao Davide

    bisogna sapere in che contesto si trova la frase. Forse "fictitious address" o "fake address" potrebbero andare, ma bisogna saperne un po' di più. :)
  3. london calling Senior Member

    Elfa, I wouldn't say "fake", because it's a local Council thing (Comune, Municipalità).;) It's organised on purpose (and legally) to ensure that homeless people are eligible for benefits and all the rest of it.:) It's almost as if they allow the homeless to elect their domicile c/o the local Town Hall. I really don't know how we can render it.

    PS. Have a look at this, it explains it better than I can.:)
  4. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Hmm...that's poses quite a problem, doesn't it? I agree about "fake" not being appropriate, but the trouble (to my mind) with "fictitious" is that there is an - albeit slight - element of deception there. How about

    nonexistent address

    Would that do it?
  5. Pagliazz New Member

    Grazie london calling,
    l'argomento a cui mi riferisco è esattamente quello descritto nel teso che hai "linkato".
    Non credo sia corretto nonexistent address.

    Comunque grazie anche ad elfa!
  6. MR1492

    MR1492 Senior Member

    Newport News, Virginia
    English -USA
    I was totally unfamiliar with this process until reading about it here so I've not given it a lot of thought. But, would something like assigned address for official registration or (officially) assigned address be correct (the first one is long enough to be real Italian, I'll say that!)?

  7. platoelio Senior Member

    Seville, Spain
    If you have to invent a translation because this practice does not exist in English speaking countries, I think that "fictitious address" or "fictitious residence address" could work (of course if accompanied by a proper explanation). I think it is the closest to the idea given by the Italian words "residenza anagrafica fittizia".
  8. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Definitely not "fictitious residence address" - this isn't English, I'm afraid.
  9. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    I had the word "artificial" in mind for quite a while but it didn't sound right until I found this:
    I'm still not completely sure it suits the context, but it could be an option.
  10. platoelio Senior Member

    Seville, Spain
    elfa, what does sound wrong to you? "residence address"? If so, I assume it is not BE because you do not have the concept of "residence" in the UK.
    However, it appears to be in use in the US: see, for instance, (point 6) or or
  11. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Hi platoelio

    It's not the use of "residence", it's putting the two words together "residence" and "address". We wouldn't say this in BE. However, I see that these are used in your links, so I guess it's a BE thing :)
  12. Bookmom

    Bookmom Senior Member

    Assigned or designated were my first thoughts, but I now feel more strongly about something like assigned or established default address.

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