residue of reds in his system


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No, he would just sit here and nod off, trusting to the last residue of reds in his system to wake him up around seven. Then he would go see if his mother still lived here.
Source: The Stand by Stephen King
Context: Larry is parked in front of the building where his mum lives. He has not seen for 3 years.

Does reds refer to red blood? What is the last residue of reds? He seems to be a junkie (drug addict).

Thank you.
  • owlman5

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    This doesn't make much sense to me. I assume "reds" here refers to seconal, a barbiturate that used to be commonly taken in the U.S. I'm not sure how the "residue of reds" would wake him up, however. Perhaps the body metabolizes the substance and changes it into something that acts as a stimulant.:confused:


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    It's definitely a drug reference. I don't know what drugs "reds" are but "the residue" means he took it long enough ago that most of it has been used up by his body. There is just a little bit left (the residue) in his bloodstream (which is coincidentally red).


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    As owlman said, seconal. The tablets were red (may still be). The last residue wouldn't wake him up, but if he is a drug wreck, the lack of barbiturate could result in his being unable to continue sleeping.
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