Resilient vs persevering

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Dear Members
I admire Mr XYZ and would like to describe him, using a simple sentence such as " Mr XYZ is". Basically, I would like to find an adjective to convey the idea that he continues trying to achieve his goal inspite of repeated failures and he becomes successful again after failures.
I have a few adjectives in mind: resilient, determined, persevering, perseverant, tenacious, enduring. However, even after consulting thesaurus and multiple dictionaries, I still do not know which adjective best describes him without negative connotations. A negative connotation is my major concern

Please help. Thank you very much
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    Hello Prabang

    My vote, in your context, would be for either "determined" or "tenacious".

    Incidentally, I don't think I've ever heard of "perseverant":).
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