resolución motivada

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    Spanish immigration process

    Sample sentence:
    A los extranjeros que no cumplan los requisitos establecidos para la entrada, les será denegada mediante resolución motivada, con información acerca de los recursos que puedan interponer contra ella, plazo para hacerlo y autoridad ante quien deben formalizarlo, y de su derecho a la asistencia letrada, que podrá ser de oficio, y de intérprete, que comenzará en el momento mismo de efectuarse el control en el puesto fronterizo.

    I have a general idea of the meaning of "resolución motivada" - that is, a written ruling or justification. What is the best way to translate this term?

    ¡Mil gracias por adelantado!
  2. blue-eyes

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    Hola eesegura...bienvenida ¿? a los foros

    resolución motivada...yo pondría resolution (o ruling) stating grounds

    espero que te sea de ayuda
  3. tillymarigold Senior Member

    Para mí «resolution» es más bien una proclamación, por ejemplo, The city passed resolution #305, which declared May 5 to be a city-wide holiday. «Ruling» está bien.

    Creo que en el proceso de inmigración para EE. UU. lo llaman nada más «denial of benefits», así que podría ser algo como:

    When a foreign citizen or national does not meet entrance criteria, grounds for denial shall be set forth in writing, with information on the means by which he or she may appeal, the time limit in which to do so, and the authority to whom to make said appeal, and on his or her right to legal counsel which may be appointed, and to an interpreter, which shall commence at the moment of [efectuarse el control] at the border point.

    Except for the phrase I didn't know, I'm very happy with that translation, actually. And now I know how to say "border point" in Spanish. (I suppose "puesto fronterizo" may be "port of entry," which in US immigration terms is any place you enter the US, including an airport or even certain airports in Canada and Ireland where they do your US immigration checks before you get on the plane.)
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    Kansas City, Missouri
    Mil gracias, blue-eyes y tillymarigold, me han ayudado bastante, y lo aprecio muchísimo.

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    Thank God there are people who know about the subjec, who can clearly explain it.

    Simplistically, by just focusing on "resolución motivada" my mind was carrying me to think there must be some other type of "resolucón", such as "resolución declarada/automática or some other sort of resolución" differerent from the "motivada". Which I understood as "motivated/caused" as a result of something happening or not happening, like in this case with the requirements.

    Thanks Tillymarygold,

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