resolve misgiving?

JI Seun

Hello. I wonder if it is a natural collocation: To resolve misgivings

The problem is that the end of the latest nomination scandals does not resolve public misgivings about the way she picks candidates for senior government posts.
What do you think of this sentence? Do you find it awkward or natural?
  • EStjarn

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    I think the sentence works. Here 'resolve' means 'to remove or dispel' and 'misgivings' refers to doubts or distrust.

    Google Web shows 44 results for "resolve the misgivings"; Google Books shows 34. Those are not unique results, but the figures give an indication of how common the collocation is. Apparently it's not very common.

    Quoting from the latter source a couple of the instances:
    Only after describing the doubts and fears does the poet address Milton directly and resolve the misgivings (in reverse order) with three more paragraphs summarizing the evidence of Milton' s poem. (Summers, Joseph Holmes. The heirs of Donne and Jonson. 1970)

    However, it is impossible to see how working with presuppositions which are taken from natural cognition, no matter how "exactly founded" they are in it, can help us to resolve the misgivings which arise in the critique of cognition, to find the answers to its problems. (Cooper, David E. et al. Philosophy: The Classic Readings. 2009)​
    For reference, the topic sentence was lifted from The Korea Herald, Jul 17, 2014.
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