resolver sus situaciones comunicativas

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    Estoy escribiendo mi tesis de la universidad ahorita en ingles, y necesito traducir la siguiente frase de un ensayo escrito en espanol. Para mi, no suele bien decir "communicative situations." Algunas sugerencias?

    " “Lengua” designa un específico sistema de signos que es utilizado por una comunidad concreta para resolver sus situaciones comunicativas."

    (my translation)

    " 'lengua'
    designates a specific system of signs that is used by a concrete community in order to settle/resolve their communicative situations."

    Muchas gracias!
  2. MHCKA

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    Lengua is language.

    I feel more appropriate states instead designates.

    Instead concrete community, specific community.
    Instead settle/resolve, solve.
    The original in Spanish is a very ugly sentence. Try with this sentence in Spanish:

    "Lengua designa un sistema especial de signos que es utilizado por una comunidad (en específico) para resolver sus necesidades de comunicación."
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    USA and English
    Thanks a lot for your response...

    I am trying to translate it in order to use it as a direct quote from the author, because I am writing a section on the differences between "lengua" and "lenguaje" in terms of the ways in which sign language is defined in Chile. While I understand the difference myself, I need to back up my explanation with quotes/academic references etc. But I agree with you that it is an ugly sentence!

    any sugestions on what to say for "situaciones comunicativas"?
  4. MHCKA

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    To me is clear "Lengua" contains "Lenguaje" but in English I believe it uses the same word.

    Yeah, direct quotes includes mistakes.

    My version:

    "Lengua states a single system of signs which is used by a specific community to solve their communication affairs"

    Affair in the second meaning of the Merriam-Webster´s Dictionary:

    2: a procedure, action, or occasion only vaguely specified; also : an object or collection of objects only vaguely specified <their house was a 2-story affair>

    Tu tesis suena interesante, ojala después me platiques sobre ella.

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