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Hello everyone,

From the book AI in Marketing, Sales and Service by Peter Gentsch.

A few years ago, the keyword big data resounded throughout the land. What is meant is the emergence and the analysis of huge amounts of data that is generated by the spreading of the Internet, social media, the increasing number of built-in sensors and the Internet of ftings, etc.
The phenomenon of large amounts of data is not new. Customer and credit card sensors at the point of sale, product identification via barcodes or RFID as well as the GPS positioning system have been producing large amounts of data for a long time.

What is the meaning of past simple in this context? Does it imply that the keyword big data began to resound only a few years ago? Or that it probably resounded even earlier than a few years ago?
And does the past simple tell us anything about whether it was still resounding at the moment of writing the book?

Thank you.
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    It means that it happened at a certain point in the past ("a few years ago"). The passage implies that before that point it wasn't resounding, because if it had been doing so earlier the author would presumably have noted the fact, rather than specifically referring to what happened "a few years ago."
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