Resource investigator

  • Hi Natali,

    Please have a look at other threads in the Slavic forum to learn about the required format of thread titles. Moreover, "urgent" wouldn't pass in any forum.

    In order to receive a timely and correct reply, you should provide as much context as you can. I can imagine a plethora of permissible translations of your terms in Czech. I would think that it will be the case in Polish, too.

    Bye, :)

    natali18 said:
    how to translate: THE RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR into polish?
    My shots:
    the resource investigator - poszukiwacz źródeł or analityk-poszukiwacz (this later one I found on Google)

    shaper - 1. kształtownik; 2. strugarka poprzeczna; 3. frezarka do drewna; 4. kształtownik fali, modelizator

    I definitely agree with Jana, try to follow her hints ;)