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    Histoire du français: Le siècle des Lumières
    L'édition de 1762 du Dictionnaire de l'Académie consacra l'instauration de l'orthographe moderne et le principe définitif de l'origine étymologique des mots.
    To my way of thinking, 18th century French is Modern French. The biggest changes since that time, are the imposition of standardized usage, replacing regional dialects/languages.
    The third (1740) and fourth (1762) editions of the Académie dictionary were very progressive ones, changing the spelling of about half the words altogether.
    The quoted 4th edition, was replaced by a further new edition before the end of the 18th century; with many of the 4th edition changes being dropped.
    La 5e édition (1798) du Dictionnaire de l'Académie française
    While work on the 9th edition is on going, the academy has lost much of its former authority. By that I mean, nobody is waiting around with bated breath for the completion of this dictionary. Folks consult Roberts, or LaRousse and get on with their lives.
    Dictionaries of the Académie française (17th to 20th Century)
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