Resources for automotive abbreviations?


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Hi everyone. I was hoping that someone might be able to recommend a good online resource or similar which covers automotive abbreviations in depth, so that I don't have to bother you with individual queries more than I absolutely have to?

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    Thanks for the link, Paul! We will include it in our resources.

    Based on my experience, I would like to point out, though, that abbreviations in the automotive branch often have different meanings. I've observed that one abbreviation can refer to several different systems, and on the other hand a company may choose to use its own abbreviation for a system that has an established abbreviation within the rest of the branch.

    So I think that such an abbreviation list can give a good start for a search, but you always have to check very carefully whether the meaning indicated is really the one that you need in your own text.

    Edit: Here's another one that looks quite :D
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    Thank you, Paul, yes, that's just the sort of thing I was thinking of. And thank you Sowka (I don't think we've ever "met" before, but then I'm not on here very often these days) - that looks really comprehensive. I take your point about using caution, and in-house terminology (I've already found that several of the phrases I've Googled on seem to be limited pretty much to this manufacturer), but this should be a very useful point to start with.