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    Dear foreros*),

    This thread is for you to suggest resources for languages discussed in this forum. Once approved by me, suggested links will be moved to this fully moderated thread and deleted from this one.

    It is not possible for me to assess the quality of the links for languages I do not understand or speak well. Native speakers are encouraged to point out problems with both links suggested here and links in the other thread.

    We encourage you to help us collect as many helpful links as possible. Please abide by the following guidelines:

    1. Do not post links for languages not covered in this forum. If you would like to suggest a link for those languages, contact the moderator(s) of the appropriate forum.
    2. Do not send me PMs with links (unless you have doubts about their acceptability or unless you are a new member who cannot yet post links). I do not want to forego feedback from other natives.
    3. Before you post, click here to make sure that the link you want to propose has not yet been added.
    4. Do not post links to websites that
    • are commercial (some unobtrusive advertising is acceptable as long as the language resource is available for free);
    • contain illegal material;
    • violate the rules of WR in any way.
    5. To maximize clarity, please stick to the following required format:

    Category label
    Link - a brief description in English

    Grammar - interactive online reference​

    Category labels include, but are not limited to: Dictionaries, grammar, online courses, pronunciation, etymology, writing, vocabulary for tourists.

    6. Most of the links should be language-related, but general information about culture and history is admissible.
    7. You may provide translations of important navigational terms for sites not in English.

    *) Forero - a member of the WR forums (click here - 1, 2)
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  4. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    We forgot to answer the etymology question, apparently.

    Hrvatski jezični portal (bookmark!) is your friend:

    nemoj: ne- + imp. *moj (skraćeno) od v. moći (I)
    neka: prasl. *nekъ, *nexъ (polj. niech)

    Mod note:
    worth bookmarking indeed :) we'll include it into resources
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    Slovakia / Slovacco / Slowakei / Slovensko
    English - US and Dude - a California dialect

    Hi Jana,

    This is my favorite Slovak dictionary. It's two way with English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Russian, and even Roma! I thought you might like to add this to the Slovak resources page.

  6. kasiam New Member

    I still can't post any links here (I think), but this link can be interesting: It is a list of constructed slavic languages, compiled by a dutch linguist.

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  8. Azori

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    Dictionary, Slovak to English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, both directions, accepts words in any form regardless of case, number, tense and mood, Slovak diacritics necessary - keyboard
  9. kudikamo

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    croata/ hrvatski (štokavski, ijekavica)
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    "Govor grada Sarajeva i razgovorni bosanski jezik" (in Bosnian)
    Senahid Halilović, Ilijas Tanović, Amela Šehović

    A freely downloadable PDF book (seems to be offered freely by the publisher, also available in print). Contains a historical overview of the speech of Sarajevo, and more importantly, a short dictionary of modern colloquial/informal Bosnian lexis as well as jargon.
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  11. Amerykańska kobieta Member

    English - USA
    You might want to modify the description of the site. The person who asked about conjugations of Polish verbs today (June 20) might not know to look in this resource.
  12. DenisBiH

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    Kitabhana e-Library

    Poetry and some prose from Bosnia-Herzegovina, mainly but not exclusively Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) authors. Includes the Ottoman period, Austro-Hungarian period and beyond. For some authors only biography is available pending permission to publish their work on the site.

    Not sure if it's within the scope of the Resources thread, but it may be useful for language learners, those specifically interested in Bosnian language and literature, and those interested in older texts from the area. A short description (in German) of Kitabhana on Slavistik-Portal (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)
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    Srpski jezički atelje
    This is a site about Serbian orthography and grammar, as well as every day's doubts about Serbian grammar or orthography. It also contains the updated rules of personal names transcription to Serbian language from about 20 foreign languages. It also possible to write them if you have a doubt. They answer to your personal e-mail.
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    Moderators, please check these links you have in the Resourses thread in Croatian part:

    Grammar: conjugation of verbs - comprehensive reference - selected grammar topics - grammar tables

    Some of them are dead links, some of them lead to different page, and some of them appear to be malitious web sites (according to Google, I didn't check it out for myself).
    Thank you.
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  17. espfutbol98 New Member

    American English
    The BEST website for learning BCS BY FAR:

    Don't let the "basic" fool you, this is pretty much an online textbook in the form of a blog that goes very in depth into the languages as well as regional dialects and slang. Also available in PDF format. It is organized logically and written in a very understandable way. Also questions regarding grammar or any aspect of the country are usually responded to within a couple days.

    Also by the same author,
    gives conjugations and more importantly, the cases required for the complex use of the phrases.

    Also I hope this isn't against the TOS but:
    These are most BCS textbooks in existence and most are professional quality, not scanned. Personally, I've waited years to find those books and they just got uploaded.
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    I think you do violate TOS:

    Look at number 4.
  20. Arath Senior Member

    Bulgarian grammar book: (In Bulgarian)

    English <-> Bulgarian, French <-> Bulgarian, German <-> Bulgarian, Greek <-> Bulgarian, Italian <-> Bulgarian, Spanish <->Bulgarian, Turkish <-> Bulgarian and Bulgarian <-> Bulgarian dictionary:

    A dictionary with inflected form and even most complex tense constructions:

    A very old Bulgarian grammar book: grammar of the Bulgarian language.pdf (in English)

    Bulgarian major TV Channels:,,

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    Bayern, D
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  29. dzsobacsi New Member

    A comprehensive online Slovak course which maybe useful for others as well
    It is free but registration is required.
  30. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian
    Dictionaries - online dictionaries for 28 languages (including some Slavic ones). Currently, for almost every language combination there seem to be about twenty thousand entries. The language interface can be picked from the menu (e.g. Bulgarian, Serbian).
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  32. DiegoAlatriste

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    Perth. Western Australia
    Bulgarian and Russian
    Russian translation to Sp,It,Gm,Po,Fr,Fi,Jp,Eg and back (also some to/back of the listed languages)
    Phrases translated as well.
  33. Милан Senior Member

    Novi Sad, Serbia
    Serbian (Србија)
  34. bovdur New Member

    Ukrainian slang dictionary Myslovo
  35. Holger2014 Senior Member

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    Křinec, Czech Republic
    Czech - Czech Republic
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    The site has a dictionaries of antonyms, homonyms, accents and phraseological
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    serbian - serbia
  41. miasam New Member

    serbian - serbia
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