Resp. Technique Produit ou CAF

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Hello!! :)

Any thoughts on what Resp. Technique Produit and CAF could mean? I am quite sure Resp is just responsable - a word I always hate translating!!
Context: Computer related manual, at the introduction in a list describing reviews of the manual it says "
Approuvé par le Resp. Technique Produit ou CAF"
My guess:

Approved by the product technician or administration and finances centre

I am absolutely stumped at CAF - I'm just hazarding a guess at Centre Finances et Administration from one version of the acronym I found, but I really don't know if it works at all in this context.

And is Product technician ok? It doesn't really convey the responsable sense...
Please advise - thanks!!

  • hunternet

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    I would go with "products technical manager" and CAF seems to be "centre/contrôle administratif et financier" or sthg like this.
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