Respectful inclusive "we": 저희 or 우리?

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by RadkeRonnie, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. RadkeRonnie Member

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    Hello everyone.

    I've been wondering, if I'm talking to someone who is older than me or just someone with whom I would use the honorific form, and I want to refer to us both at the same time with an inclusive "we" statement, should I say "저희" or "우리"? Or should I recast the sentence completely to avoid creating conflicts between my humility and their respectedness?

  2. Rance Senior Member

    우리 should be right choice.

    Dad: 사랑하는 두 아들들아 같이 저녁 외식할까? 뭐 먹고싶니?
    Son A: 아빠 멋쟁이, 저희 불고기 먹구 싶어요! (저희= Son A + Son B)
    Son B: 네! 우리 불고기 먹어요! (우리 = Son A+ Son B+ Dad)
  3. idialegre Senior Member

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    One question: why is it 아들들아 같이 and not 아들들과 같이 (or just 아들과 같이)?
  4. Rance Senior Member

    Both would mean eating dinner with sons.
    However the subject the father is speaking to becomes different.

    사랑하는 두 아들들아 같이 저녁 외식할까
    Lovely two sons(calling his son), let's have dinner together. (Talking to two sons whom the father wish to eat together.)

    사랑하는 두 아들들과 같이 저녁 외식할까
    Let's have dinner together with two lovely sons. (Talking to someone who's not his son like mother of the two sons.)
  5. vientito Senior Member

    아 is often a familiar attachment to a person's name when you call out to them. popularly used among friends and family
  6. idialegre Senior Member

    Hamburg, Germany
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    Oh, of course! I knew that, but forgot! Thanks.
  7. RadkeRonnie Member

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    Thanks everyone =)

    One more thing. In the example, is 먹구 싶어요 colloquial, a dialect, kid talk, or something else?
  8. Rance Senior Member

    Oh, I probably should have said 먹고 싶어요, but they mean the same.
    -구 is antique way of -고, but it's often used colloquially.
  9. chemnerd Member

    BTW there should be a comma or a dot after 아들들아

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