1. MyGodIsMurphy New Member

    Hi !

    I'm French. I want to write a formal letter, with, like i would say in French "Respectueusement, " at the end of a letter.
    I know that in English we write " sincerely yours".

    Is it the same with "Respectfully" (Respectfully yours)?

    Thanks !!!:D
  2. Nicodrum Senior Member

    France - French
    there are different degrees:

    cordialement = Best Regards
    Veuillez agréer, etc. = Yours Faithfully
  3. MyGodIsMurphy New Member

    Thanks very much. And for "Respectfully" ? I write "Respectfully" or "Respectfully yours" ?
  4. Nicodrum Senior Member

    France - French
    les deux existent, je pense que respectfully yours est plus formel, plus soutenu.

    Confirmation d'un natif?
  5. Janni65 Senior Member

    English - GB
    We would not use 'respectfully yours'. If you are addressing someone by name, you use 'yours sincerely'. If you have started your letter 'Dear Sir/Madam, you use 'yours faithfully' at the end.

    In a not so formal context you could say 'with all good wishes' or 'kind regards', but the two recognised, formal ways to end a letter in British English are 'yours sincerely' and 'yours faithfully'.
  6. reg457 New Member

    English-UK, Greek-GR
    I would not normally use either form unless if I am adressing someone in the legal profession, a QC for example (but not a barrister), or an elected politician (an MP or an MEP). You could say that 'Respectfully yours' is used to denote just that - respect that is de jure owed to the adressee!
  7. Thales New Member

    English - USA, Canada
    Native North American English (US and Canada) speaker writing here. From my perspective, both "respectfully" and "respectfully yours" are perfectly acceptable and there's nothing really to recommend one over the other. The earlier respondants here seem to be referring to specific and rather formal contexts.

    I use "respectfully", in English as in French, particularly when I want to emphasise, not surprisingly, my respect for the adressee as a human being and a professional. This would be the case especially when the content of the letter contained explicit or implicit criticisms, including suggestions, proposals, or requests.

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