respondiendo mutua y recíprocamente de saneamiento

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    I'm having a terrible time trying to find a rendering for the last portion of this long sentence from a divorce decree out of Spain. This is the original Spanish context:

    Con las anteriores adjudicaciones se dan por pagados ambos cónyuges en sus respectivas cuotas, sin que tenga nada que reclamarse entre sí por dicho concepto, comprometiéndose a llevar a efecto las gestiones necesarias para la efectividad de las adjudicaciones realizadas, y respondiendo mutual y recíprocamente de saneamiento y evicción en los términos previstos en los arts. 1.475 y ss. y concordantes del Codigo Civil.

    My attempt in English:

    With the prior awards bothspouses are considered to be paid for their respective share, with nothing to be claimed between them in this regard, committing to effect the necessary paperwork for the enforcement of the adjudications carried out, and mutually
    and reciprocally answering for the delivery of the property free from any encumbrances under/in the terms foreseen in arts. 1.475 and ss. and in accordance with the Civil Code.

    Any help would be appreciated as I can't find this anywhere. Thank you! :)
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    The parties hereby mutually release, discharge, and hold harmless one another from all actions, claims, damages, and liabilities arising from or relating to any claim, action, default, breach, damages, lien or encumbrances whatsoever affecting or relating such adjudication.
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