Responding "I'm glad to meet you"

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  • Little Star

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    Thanks for your help; but if you answer: me too, does it give the impression that you're saying: I'm glad to meet ME too?
    I am told that the answer has to be : you too. Is that right?


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    I'm wondering how to respond to this phrase.

    If someone says "I'm glad to meet you", what do we have to say? "Me too" or "you too"?
    There isn't any "have to" formula for your reply. Personally, I don't say either of these. I usually respond, "I'm pleased to meet you!" (I might use "glad" instead of "pleased" or, if I've heard a lot about this person and am especially happy about meeting him or her, I might use "delighted".)

    Little Star

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    Thanks for your comments. But I'm sorry I didn't explaine well my question. I'm asking particularly about answering with : me too or you too.
    By saying "me too" do you give the impression that you are saying : I am glad to meet me too? I mean when you say: me too, does it mean you have taken out the whole phrase but these two words? And like this you are actually repeating the other's person's phrase but with "me too" ending?
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