responsabilizzazione del personale

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Dovrei tradurre questa frase :

I benefici ottenibili sono principalmente di 2 tipi : tempi rapidi per realizzare i cambiamenti ; forte coinvolgimento e responsabilizzazione del personale.

Io ho tradotto così :

the benefits obtainable are mainly of 2 types :Quick time to realize the changes ; strong involvement and accountability Of personal.

Qualcuno è così gentile di dirmi se la traduzione è corretta?

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    One option:

    Rapid implementation of the changes; strong involvement of and responsibility assignment to personnel/staff.

    and to refer to personnel.


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    I quite like ‘accountability’ myself. It seems to me a term rather more likely to be used in such circumstances than ‘responsibility’.

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    I agree and would even go as far as to say that responsibility is a false friend for "responsabilizzazione" in this context. And for those wishing to delve deeper into the differences between responsibility and accountability here's a relevant thread I once opened in EO.
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    Here's my ha'porth:

    The benefits produced fall principally into two groups: firstly, a rapidity in implementing changes; and secondly, an increased engagement and greater accountability of staff.
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